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The Right Resource

You need accounting help, so you want to hire a new employee.  But at the price that makes sense for your business, the chances that the someone you hire has the skill set to actually solve your business problems is...low.  Not only that, but Microsoft did an analysis several years ago and determined that when you include payroll taxes, employee benefits, paid time off, the need for office space, and other overhead, the true cost of an employee is close to 3x the base salary.   Not to mention the lack of flexibility.   Growing companies turn to me to provide a high level of skill and experience they would not otherwise have access to.  Having the right person in place at critical times can make all the difference.


Sometimes you may need more accounting assistance and sometimes less.  I work on a consulting basis, which gives you the flexibility to respond to the businesses needs, in a way that adding a full-time employee does not.  Engage me for only what you need, without payroll taxes, benefits, or any administrative headache.

Understand Your Accounting

Management often does not understand accounting as deeply and intuitively as they understand operations or sales.  Too often, management has to "trust" the numbers without the skill set to evaluate quickly whether or not it is correct. That is a dangerous place to be when you need to make important decisions.  I provide oversight of internal accounting resources, as well as assistance with monthly financial close, and preparation of financial statements and analysis, in order add clarity and reliability to internal financial reporting. 

Extra Bandwidth

Everyone in your accounting department has a full-time job--and for senior members of your accounting team like the CFO or controller, maybe more than full time.  That makes it very difficult to devote the necessary attention to projects that fall outside of normal operations.  These projects might include preparation for audited or reviewed financial statements, implementation of net accounting standards, adopting a new accounting or ERP system, or the implications of an acquisition.  A little help at the right time can go a long way.

Technical Accounting Depth

Technical accounting issues come up for all kinds of businesses. It may be capitalized software, stock-based compensation, complex revenue recognition, equity accounting, or other technical matters.  Unlike many contract CFO's and controllers, I have a long history in public accounting and the appropriate background to advise on technical accounting matters that can significantly impact an audit or an acquisition.  I give you access to a depth of accounting expertise most growing businesses don't have.

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