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Over my career, the most challenging and fulfilling experiences have also been those that also added the most value for my clients:  unwinding and correcting a new system implementation gone wrong, advising on improvements to financial reporting and close practices, or helping with an acquisition.  All these issues exist in the present--where the rubber meets the road--and have to do with current information and decision making, rather than simply accounting for historical results. 

I get great satisfactions from helping growing companies better understand their businesses and use timely, accurate information to make decisions and communicate with stakeholders.

Prior to Lancaster Consulting, I spent my career as an auditor at Perkins & Company PC--and its predecessor firm Thompson Kessler Wiest & Borquist PC--where I was a senior audit manager directing financial statement audits and reviews.   My career started in the Portland office of Grant Thornton LLP, a global accounting firm,  and also includes a stint at Connor Group, LLC, a boutique technical accounting consulting firm based in Silicon Valley, where I focused primarily on consulting surrounding mergers and acquisitions.  

Breadth of Experience

11 years in public accounting before starting Lancaster Consulting in 2018 gave me experience working with owners and leaders at businesses across all kinds of industries.  I have seen what works and what doesn't.




Accountants don't always have the best reputation as communicators.  But what are financial results for if not communication?  I engage with all the stake holders inside and outside an organization and can communicate financial information in way that makes sense to everyone--even if you don't speak "accountant"

Focus on Problem Solving

My focus is on solving problems and delivering results.  I have no patience for problems that linger unsolved.  Let's work together, roll up our sleeves, and make our problems into not problems. 

Will Lancaster, CPA

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