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We Offer

Fractional CFO

All businesses need a CFO, but many don't have one because the don't need one on a full-time basis.  Companies without a CFO, have a hole in an important part of their organization, and are at a disadvantage when compared to competitors. 


I help growing companies bridge this gap.   I provide the timely information and expert advice they need to make great decisions, and help to communicate that information to banks, investors, and others.  


CFO Support

Even great accounting departments can run out of bandwidth at the top.  I help CFOs and controllers with projects that fall outside their day to day--things like acquisition support, audit readiness, new systems implementation--so they can leverage their time to keep up with the business. Think of it like a release valve...but with accounting.

Consulting & Projects


I help businesses with all kinds of special projects such as projections and cash flow modeling, financial close process improvement, merger and acquisition support, etc.  Solving accounting problems, one spreadsheet at a time.

Companies in growth stages make the most important decisions they will ever make.

But too often, they do so without the advice or timely financial information that a good CFO can provide.


Clever Solutions for Growing Businesses

Good information--and good advice--can help growing businesses grow faster and smarter.  I provide CFO services on a fractional, support, or project basis, to help clients solve business- and finance-related problems they are facing now, as well as to anticipate and avoid roadblocks in the future.  

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